In memory of you Prabhu Osoniqs

In memory of you Prabhu Osoniqs

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Harmonic Project (Prabhu Osoniqs, Mary Laslett, Heather Frahn, Stuart Rose) photo by Samra Teague

Prabhu Osoniqs passed away suddenly on September 5th 2016 – This breaks my heart as we have lost one very special musician, and gentleman. I first met Prabhu in 2010 at the Heartspace Festival in NSW. We became friends and went on to work and perform together in ‘Harmonic Project’ on the recording of “Divine Resonance” and a number of specialised sound healing performances in Adelaide with Mary Laslett and Stuart Rose. I wrote this tribute to Prabhu, please take a moment to read, and play the track below to hear his divine music.

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Help his music live on by purchasing his music “At The Temple Gate” here

This video above is our dear Prabhu Osoniqs performing with the Hang instrument (pronounced hung) that he played so well.

“Every seed has the possibility of reaching its ultimate potential, of becoming its true nature. Meditations are the energy field where, like a seed, the Soul gets nourishment and support to grow to its totality, to wholeness.” – Prabhu Osoniqs

Dearest Prabhu ~ We are so incredibly sad to lose you today. We Honour You Dear Soul, and your Incredible Musicianship, and Beaming Spirit. Your quiet and kind voice I can hear speaking the wisdom that you knew, and gave so generously to others.
The blessing of your music has made a positive difference to countless lives, and will continue to ~ the way you played music, the way you shone, the places of great spirit you travelled through sonic worlds to share with us will always be remembered. You are so very loved and treasured in our hearts.
Thank you dear friend and musical brother, for sharing the melody-spirit journey with me from time to time. Your influence on me and quiet words you said will stay with me always.
Words cannot express the honour I feel to have known you, and to have shared in the live creation of music with you. I beleive you are one of the most incredible and important musical voices this country has ever had the honour of hearing.
I will always see you closing your eyes and playing the hang with such passion, flow, precision, and inner quiet. I will always remember you sitting next to me and feeling the sonic light just beaming off you! Thank you for giving us your unique and so special gifts.
We will miss you terribly. Fly free Prabhu, with the divine that you knew. Love always Heather .~*~.