Music for Relaxation with Arts in Health at FMC

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Heather Frahn facilitating sound based meditation at FMC chapel as part of the Arts in Health program.
Heather Frahn facilitating sound based meditation at FMC chapel as part of the Arts in Health program.

Heather Frahn is an award winning vocalist, a song weaver, multi-instrumentalist, sound designer, meditation teacher, sound healing therapist, and music-based spiritual care worker. 

Her multi-dimensional work in the performing arts, healing arts, and community arts, ranges across diverse applications from hospital wards, to public parades, from yoga centres, to remote communities, from universities, to some of the finest arts festivals and theatre stages nationally and overseas. Heather intertwines her love of arts in health with spiritual care, by blending healing music, sacred songs, prayer, and meditation.

Arts in Health at FMC, Flinders Medical Centre:

Since early 2009 Heather has been a valued member of the Arts In Health team at Flinders Medical Centre. She developed a program “Music for Relaxation” which combines together therapeutic sound elements, soothing music, with mindfulness and meditation practices. This program is brought to patients and staff on the wards, and assists patients to relax and rest more deeply, through listening and using sound as a meditation object. Seeing patients within a holistic framework, Heather also incorporates in her “Music for Relaxation” program elements of Pastoral Care and Spiritual Care.

Heather has been a guest presenter of the Flinders Medical Centre program at the National Arts In Health conference in Canberra, and had her sound therapy featured at the National Rural Health Conference in Adelaide. She presented a keynote on “Sound Healing” to the Pagan Society of South Australia, and has been interviewed about Arts in Health and Sound Therapy on ABC’s Radio National on Australia wide radio. 

"In The Moment" Film ~ A Documentary by Harry T Tregilgas ~ Celebrating the Sound and Music program at Flinders Medical Centre
in 2015, Heather’s work with the Music For Relaxation Program was featured in a short film by Harry T. Tregilgas “In The Moment”.

As part of Heather’s ongoing efforts to promote the value of Arts in Health she has also written several published articles for Innerself Newspaper about sound, music, and meditation, and was invited to write a feature article “A Prayer Without Words” in The Art of Healing, Australian magazine.

Patient Referrals: If you, or someone you know is a patient in Flinders Medical Centre, you can make a referral for an Arts in Health facilitator to visit you with either relaxing music, arts and craft activities, story and poetry writing, and music performances. For more information please visit this webpage on the SA Health website [link]

See Arts in Health at FMC Services (opens in a new window) for a full list of free services provided. 

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