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Heather Frahn Sound Design ComposerSince the late 1990’s Heather has been creating original sound design and composition works with some of Australia’s high profile theatre, dance and arts companies, as well as professional artists across a range of disciplines. Over the years she has created countless hours of recorded and live music for arts productions and projects, bringing together sounds and music from natural, acoustic and digital sources.

See below some examples of Heather’s sound design and composition work. Please listen with headphones or quality speakers for accurate audio representation.

Performance Work: “Nursery”

Creator and Director Sally Chance
Composer and Musician Heather Frahn
Dancers Stephen Noonan and Ade Suharto
Designer Wendy Todd
Visual Artist Hiromi Tango
Writer Janeen Brian
Producer Insite Arts

Presented by two dancers and a musician and developed through extensive research into ways in which babies and their adults tune into one another, Nursery offers an immersive experience of dance and music, carefully designed to invite the babies’ investigation of the people, objects, movements, sounds and wordscapes within it.

Come Out Children’s Festival, Adelaide 2015
Out of the Box Festival, Brisbane 2014
Awesome Festival, Perth 2014
Artplay, Melbourne, Australia 2014

Screen Dance Work: “The Forrest Traversed”

Still/Moving Image: Sam Oster
Dance/Choreography: Billie Cook
Sound/Music: Heather Frahn

“24 Hours” 6 x Short Films

Still/Moving Image: Sam Oster, Nick Mollison
Dance/Choreography: Kat Worth
Sound/Music: Heather Frahn
Visual Art: Diwani Oak
A Project of Arts In Health at Flinders Medical Centre

Audio Documentary: “It Always Blows Out Here”

Text/Sound/Music: Heather Frahn
A Featured Contribution to ABC Pool


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