Heather Frahn and Michelle Byrne

Sacred Song & Chants,
Vocal Wellbeing Workshops, Soundbath Meditations,
Live Music Performances,
with Heather Frahn & Michelle Byrne.

Vocalists, Sound Therapists, Musicians, Songwriters – Michelle Byrne, and Heather Frahn.

Heather Frahn and Michelle Byrne weave together their multi-dimensional talents in singing, sound healing, and live music. Their respective musical journeys have taken them nationally and internationally as performers, workshop facilitators, and mentees in specialised sound based modalities. With a focus on empowering women’s music, they share positive and uplifting sonic vibrations with beautiful vocal harmonies, guitar, percussion, and other world music influences. Come share their soulful song journey inspired by earth mother, sacred chant, gospel, tribal, roots, and folk.

Michelle and Heather with special guest Ruth Stanton – Enlighten Adelaide Festival.

Therapeutic Soundbath Meditations

Michelle and Heather sharing a Therapeutic Soundbath Meditation.

As experienced Sound Therapy Practitioners, Michelle and Heather create Therapeutic Soundbath Meditations. These group sessions offer a beautifully relaxing meditation, that is soul nourishing, and a sacred sonic journey combining their divine harmonies, singing bowls, cosmic tone drums, frame drums, bamboo flute, and gongs.

Michelle playing the rainstick percussion instrument during Soundbath Relaxation.

Vocal Wellbeing Workshops

Michelle and Heather facilitating a women’s wellbeing choir, The Harmony Weavers with Hutt Street Centre, Adelaide.

Heather and Michelle’s Vocal Wellbeing Workshops aspire to heal and empower through singing, chanting, toning, and a celebration of song and music from various traditions. Their workshops lift the spirits, bring smiles to the soul, alleviates stress, and invite a union of inner peace and connection through the power of the human voice.

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