Creating a new work for 2 year olds – Touch and Go


As a live musician/performer, it’s been a wonderful time recently creating the new work “Touch & Go” with Sally Chance Dance Company. This show is especially for 2 year old children and their families. It’s a fun, playful, and clever performance game that will be setting off on tour this year to Melbourne’s Artplay June 1-4 [book here], and to Brisbane’s Out Of The Box Festival June 23-28 [book here]

Touch & Go invites children aged 24 months, nearly 3 or anything in between to take a breath and view a playful world of shapes and pathways, stepping stones and lines, with two friendly dancers and a live guitarist.

Playful enticements to become part of the performance themselves invite the children to take part or observe, venture out or stay close, touch and go – just as they need to.

From the team that brought This [Baby] Life and Nursery to ArtPlay, this company’s brand new performance work, Touch & Go, is a dancing game of cause and effect, carefully created to be alive and responsive to this powerful and hands-on age group – the mighty two-year old!

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