Group Sound Healing-Therapy Sessions (Soundbath)

Participant Testimonials

“We thoroughly enjoyed our sound-healing experience today. Many thanks again for sharing your wonderful musical skills, friendliness, and peaceful presence.” Don, participant

“Thankyou special one! Your incredible sound meditation transported me to, swimming with dolphins and whales, to a galactic war zone of eons ago, to finally saying a final “sorry” to my Mother. Thanks soooooo much for this healing” Annette, participant

“Thank you for a very special evening. It’s not often I take time out for me, so this was a very special night of healing and ‘quiet’ time flowing with the vibrations of the instruments.” Jeanette, Centre of Infinity

Relax into peace and calm with therapeutic sound…

Relaxation-with-group-sound-meditationSuitable For: Groups engaging in Corporate Health, Yoga & Meditation Centres and Retreats, Wellness Support, Spiritual Care Centres, Health Care Centres, Private Wellness Parties and Events with a wellness focus.

Participants: This is a group session that can cater for groups from 6 to 20 people. Larger groups can be accommodated upon negotiation. Please contact for details. Children aged 12 years and over may participate when accompanied by an adult. Participants can be seated in chairs or sitting on cushions if there’s insufficient space, however, it’s recommended that participants lay down so that maximum therapeutic benefit is achieved.

Schedule: Each Therapeutic & Relaxation Soundbath is approximately 90 mins in duration. It can also be extended by adding various optional group therapeutic sound activities.

Investment: Various price points are available, please contact me to talk through the options for your group Soundbath experience.

Even though therapeutic sound work is suitable for almost everyone, there are a few contraindications to consider before participating. If you are diagnosed with bipolar disorder, psychosis, paranoid schizophrenia, or epilepsy, then sound work may not be suitable for you as an activity without informed consent from you and/or your medical professional. Please visit the link below for more information, and reach out to Heather if you have any concerns so we can try to best support you to attend the Soundbath Meditation.

Sacred Soundbath Meditation, with Heather Frahn ~ Heart crafted live sound healing experience.
Heather’s Soundbath Meditation in Australian Bushlands in McLaren Flat, SA

Heather’s Qualifications, Training and Experience

Heather Frahn is a highly qualified sound therapy and mindfulness practitioner. She has completed professional training with some of the world’s most renowned schools including the British Academy of Sound Therapy (UK), the Peter Hess Institute (GER) (via the Maranta Sound Academy), the Tibetan Bowl Healing School (USA), and the Lifeflow Meditation Centre (AUS). 

She has also received 1-2-1 mentoring from several pioneering teachers abroad on working with holistic voice, gongs, singing bowls, harmonic overtone singing, and mindfulness meditation. 

Heather worked in Allied Health for 12 years at Flinders Medical Centre facilitating the “Sounds For Relaxation Program” working with patients, their families, and staff with her therapeutic-based music and sound.

Relevant Qualifications, Training and Experience:

-Practitioner Level Diploma Sound Therapy PL.Dip.ST (BAST, UK)
-Professional Diploma Group Sound Therapy Dip.SitCo (BAST, UK)
-Sound Massage Practitioner (Peter Hess Institute PHI, BE, EU)
-Therapeutic Sound & Music for Relaxation Program (Arts in Health at Flinders Medical Centre, AUS)
-Lifeflow Meditation Guide Certificate (AUS)
-Certificate in Clinical Pastoral Education CPE Unit1 (AUS)
-Openground Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction 8 Week Training (AUS)
-“Ancient Sounds for a New Age” Course & Introductory Workshop (Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing School, CA, USA)
-Young Citizen of The Year Award 2006
-Multi Award Winning Music Artist, Multi-Instrumentalist, Performer, Songwriter, Composer & Vocalist since 1994