Harmony Weavers Women’s Wellbeing Song Circle

The Harmony Weavers
A Womens Wellbeing Song Circle
Facilitated by Heather Frahn

The Harmony Weavers is a women’s wellbeing circle aspiring to heal, to empower, and to build resilience and friendships. Each session includes singing, music, sound healing, mindfulness meditation, and afternoon tea. No experience required, no auditions. A heart opening, uplifting and soul inspiring gathering for all women. Come join us!

Gatherings are on the second Wednesday, and second Sunday of each month from January to November, in Adelaide, South Australia.

1:30pm Start and goes until approximately 4pm (or a little later) including a shared afternoon tea following the session.

Venue is sometimes outside in nature, but may vary depending on weather.

Please contact Heather for more information if you would like to attend this private group.

Inclusive and welcoming.

Harmony Weavers Her’story

The “Harmony Weavers” began in 2016 in association with The Hutt Street Centre, Adelaide South Australia. The Hutt Street Centre supported and funded the group up until January 2021, and through its program helped to create a much needed and valued contribution to the lives of women in Adelaide who were homeless, or recovering from domestic violence, or other life challenges. The “Harmony Weavers” women’s wellbeing choir was co-facilitated by Heather Frahn and Michelle Byrne from 2016-2021, with Heather continuing the program from 2021 onwards.

The Harmony Weavers has performed several memorable and special concerts at public and private events over the years, and has had a range of members who were both clients of Hutt Street Centre services, as well as women from the broader community and society in support of those most vulnerable.

The Harmony Weavers has provided an important meeting place for women over its existence, and aims to continue to shelter, support, and celebrate women from all walks of life in an inclusive and welcoming way through the healing power of music, meditation, spirituality, sound healing, and social connection.

Photographs on this page used with permission from Alicia Brown, and Virginia Hall. Image below by Nikki Hartmann.

Harmony Weavers Women's Wellbeing Choir, 2017, Co-Facilitators Heather Frahn and Michelle Byrne, with Harmony Weavers members. Photo by Nikki Hartmann
Harmony Weavers Women’s Wellbeing Choir, 2017, Co-Facilitators Heather Frahn and Michelle Byrne, with Harmony Weavers members. Photo by Nikki Hartmann.
Harmony Weavers performing at the “Rock Your Sole” concert in 2018, Adelaide South Australia.
Watch this archival footage made in 2018 about the Harmony Weavers program.