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Heather Frahn is an Australian multi-dimensional artist, creating with sound and music as a vocalist, songwriter, performer, composer, sound designer, sound therapist, and sound meditation facilitator.

She is a multi award winning, critically acclaimed music artist who’s been consistently performing since the mid 1990′s. She promotes peace, unity and positive social change through her music and rich dynamic voice. Frahn embraces eclectic music styles and inspiring lyrics delivering a world class performance, solo and with her ensemble The Moonlight Tide, that dives deep into the hearts of audiences where ever the stages open for her awakening music.

Heather Frahn live at the Be The Change album launch. Photo by Tori Burns.
Heather Frahn live at the Be The Change album launch. Photo by Tori Burns.

Heather Frahn started playing guitar and singing in early childhood. Amazingly, she has never had a music lesson or officially studied music. She grew up in a farming community isolated from most musical learning opportunities. Instead she would listen to her mother’s records and learn to sing and play them “by ear”. The lack of any formal music training brought Heather to discover music directly ‘from the heart’ and not the head; and it’s in this special way that she continues to present her music.

press-slide-6Creatively prolific, her musical projects have seen her travel around Australia and internationally to the United States, United Kingdom and Europe. Heather’s outstanding live performances both solo and with her band “The Moonlight Tide”, have taken her to stages at prestigious music festivals including WOMADelaide, the National Folk Festival the Adelaide International Guitar Festival and more.

Since the beginning of her career in the mid 1990’s, Heather has received numerous awards for excellence in music including Young Citizen of the Year, Most Outstanding South Australian Female Vocalist and Female Solo Artist Awards and more. She also has an ongoing acknowledgement in the Who’s Who of Australian Women publication.

Heather’s numerous CD releases as a songwriter, including her latest titled “Be The Change”, have received critical acclaim in the press-slide-2media and airplay on Australian radio. Her sound design and original compositions have featured in South Australia’s finest theatre and dance companies, short films and radio documentaries including Restless Dance Theatre, Urban Myth Theatre, Tutti Arts, Patch Theatre, Leigh Warren & Dancers, Vitalstatistix Theatre and more.

Heather has facilitated workshops connecting community with creativity and skills development, including hand drumming and percussion, singing and choirs, song writing and recording, and sounds for relaxation and healing with her holistic-sound-healing ensemble “Harmonic Project”. With a passion for uniting community through music, Heather has also produced high quality public events which engage the community cross culturally through song and performance, including the award winning Feast of Female Voice, the Sing Out! Songwriting Project, and the Conscious Music Festival.