Sound Therapy Courses

Australia! … Look no further for professional training in Sound Therapy modalities!

I have been lucky enough to receive professional training and mentoring over the years in Sound Therapy with the British Academy of Sound Therapy (BAST), as well as others in the USA, UK and Europe in Sound Healing, Holistic Voice, Drum Circles, Gong Therapy, Sound Massage and more.

I can highly recommend the BAST Sound Therapy courses, and advise anyone interested in a career in this field to consider investing in professional training. BAST is also fully recognised by the IICT as a Registered Training Organisation, and all professional training by BAST is recognised by Australian insurance companies.

The British Academy of Sound Therapy offer courses online and in person, so applicable to students all over the world.

Watch the video to see what our Australian students have to say about the Group Sound Therapy Diploma Course.