Media Quotes

“Conscious lyrics, acoustic groove.” Best album I’ve heard all month and that includes the new Dylan release. In fact Heather out-Dylan’s (Bob) Dylan with her observational lyrics, pop hooks and gutsy voice. Australia’s best-kept secret.” ABC Radio National ‘The Rhythm Divine’.

“Frahn’s vocal performances are superb, capable of sounding gently persuasive one moment, carried away with forceful passion the next” …”An album steeped in the poetry of the human condition, We Are One is an intoxicating selection of performances that impress, please and occasionally astound. Top notch.” NOVA Magazine

“Passionate songs of insight, inspiration and awakening, absolutely overflowing with Heather’s inimitable style and musicianship.”… “Inspiring and meaningful lyrics accompanied by heart opening music lifts this album to a place where life at it’s source is explored and questioned” Innerself Newspaper, Australia

“The ensemble is seriously good, laying down some brilliant grooves for Heather to weave her magic over… There’s such a positive vibe…  you can’t help but be affected. Final Word: Inspiring.” Adrian Miller, Rip It Up

“This socially engaged Australian lady Heather Frahn has a very beautiful voice that can handle many different styles of singing… a comparison pops up with living legend Joan Armatrading because of the specific way of singing and the obvious determined guitar playing” Rootstime Magazine, Belgium

“Her sound is foot tapping, layered and infectious”… “Heather is a particularly talented musician singing with a sea of emotion who is gifted with awesome vocal presence” Cheap Thrills Street Magazine, Melbourne

“Wonderful music. Must say that Heather Frahn has become a favorite. That girl has something really worth listening to, both her voice and lyrics.” Blue Note Radio, Norway

“Heather is a bundle of creative and performing energy”…“contemporary style, all performed with energy and conviction” … “A young singer/songwriter to look out for.” National Folk Alliance Newsletter

“Powerful…passionate…her music jumps out at you” Australian Music Community Online

“If you get the chance to see Frahn live… go. She works incredibly hard and gives a 100% performance, capturing the audience in the palm of her hand.” … “Her new album is an extraordinary piece of work.” Blaze Media

“…emotive guitar sounds which bite deep into her songs” …“Heather Frahn as having the ‘kind of voice that comes from a deep flowing river” …“Boasting beautifully structured and poetically mature lyrics” … “Heather Frahn has the songs, the skills and the integrity to go the extra yards” … “Big voice and commanding style of performance“ dB Magazine

“awesome vocal presence and spectacular vocalist” …“ Frahn soars and simmers expertly “ … “Her zest for her craft remains checked and her passion – she is a writer, composer, producer, guitarist, bassist, pianist, percussionist and, of course a vocalist – grows by the day” The Advertiser

“I closed my eyes and opened my mind” Restless Dance Company

“Heather Frahn is an unforgettable artist” Triple M Radio

“Amazing! Who IS this girl and why doesn’t she have a record deal! I was totally blown away when I was sent this CD.” Chaos Music Review