About Harmonic Project Members

Harmonic Project, Artistic Director: Heather Frahn, is a singer, multi-instrumentalist, sound therapist and songwriter presenting with deep and mighty vocals. Heather’s song lyric’s and multidimensional music promotes peace, well being and a global community as part of the Conscious Music Movement which she founded online in 2008.

Creatively prolific, her music has travelled around Australia and internationally. Heather’s CD releases have received critical acclaim and compositions featured in South Australia’s finest theatre and dance companies, short films and radio documentaries.

Heather presents workshops connecting community with creativity and skills development, including hand drumming, singing, choirs, writing songs, recording, meditation with sound and healing with sacred sound instruments. Heather has produced events that engage and unite the community cross culturally through song and performance.

Heather’s multi dimensional creative work has ventured anywhere from theatre companies to baby rooms in childcare centers, to hospital wards and music festival stages.

Heather is a valued member of the Arts In Health team at Flinders Medical Center (one of South Australia’s largest public hospitals). Heather has brought sound massage and sound therapy with gentle music to countless patients and staff on the wards helping them to relax through listening and using sound as a meditation in her Sounds for Relaxation Program.

She has received training and mentoring with various teachers over the years including voice for wellbeing with Shirley Roden (UK), Koomi harmonic singing, singing bowls and gongs with Michael Ormiston (UK), sacred sound instruments and Tibetan singing bowls with Diane Mandle (CA, USA), Sound Massage with the Peter Hess Institute (Maranta Sound Academy) (DE, AUS), harmonic singing with Dean Frenkel (AUS), and mindfulness meditation guides training with Lifeflow Meditation Centre (AUS).

Heather has been a guest presenter with sound and meditation at the National Arts In Health conference in Canberra Australia, a delegate at the National Rural Health Conference 2013, the Healers Market (SA) and a keynote speaker for the Pagan Society of South Australia.

Her creative motivation is to generate positive energy in the world and to share her musical talents for the benefit of others. With a career spanning over fifteen years she has won several music awards including Most Outstanding Female Vocalist of South Australia in both 2000 and 2004, Most Outstanding Instrumentalist of South Australia in 2004 and Young Citizen of the Year in 2006. In 2009 Heather was featured as one of the “Women of The 21st Century” in the Australian holistic spiritual magazine Innerself, and also has ongoing listing in the book “Who’s Who of Australian Women”.

Stuart Rose – Adelaide www.themoorrose.com

Stuart is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist (guitar, bouzouki, flute, didgeridoo, percussion, vocals), songwriter and vocalist. Being a self-taught musician (“unclassically untrained”, he muses), his intuitive & improvisational style creates uniquely soulful music & powerful music for the soul. Whether performing as a solo artist, in the duo The Moor Rose, with The Harmonic Project, or as a session musician, he is acclaimed for the warmth and richness of his music.

As a journeyman through many different genres of music, including Folk, Roots, Jazz and World Music, Stuart now finds joy in blending musical styles & genres, developing fusions that cross between East & West; influenced by Celtic, Indian, Arabic, Spanish & African traditions. He brings a diverse & dynamic palate of sounds to his performances, including Adelaide Fringe Festival 2010 & 2012 , Garden of Unearthly Delights 2011, Tour Down Under 2010, and European Tour in 2013.

Mary Laslett – Adelaide www.marylaslett.com

(vocals, singing bowls, frame drum, rattles)

Mary Laslett has a powerful and beautiful voice which ranges over 4 octaves. With her voice, she brings in both shamanic and angelic sounds. As well as being an accomplished vocalist and singer-songwriter, Mary also facilitates singing groups and practices sound healing. To reach a wider cross section of society, Mary runs community singing groups in regional South Australia and believes we must reclaim our right to sing and dance as part of community and connection with others.

For more than 20 years Mary has inspired and delighted audiences with her creativity, songwriting and her beautiful voice. In her songs, Mary brings a message of love, responsibility and eagerness for humanity to find its highest path. Mary’s solo album ‘Into One’ was released in 2012.

Prabhu OSONIQS – Sydney www.osoniqs.com

(hang, percussion, ocean drum, sansula)

We deeply regret to announce that Prabhu Osoniqs passed away on September 5th 2016. See this post to read more about this tragic news.

A musical genre nomad, Prabhu’s music is a fusion of its own kind. It has the flavours of the East, West, New Age, Folk, Devotional, Jazz, Dance, Trance-Spiritual and World Music. And surprisingly, Prabhu creates all this music with a UFO-looking 21st century instrument, the HANG. His HANG music creates a sweet tranquil field of stillness and an atmosphere of spirited celebration, regardless of the venue, event, country or culture.

Prabhu offers HANG music with a unique combination of melodies, rhythms, overflowing overtones and ethereal vibrations, on a journey through the stillness of Zen mountains in Japan to the devotional, mystical landscape of India. Prabhu’s evoking compositions and entrancing HANG have touched many, many hearts around the globe. Prabhu has offered HANG music concerts at festivals, schools, concert halls, cultural events, corporate events, temples, yoga centres, dance studios and soirees in Australia, Europe, Hong Kong, India and Japan.