Harmonic Project

Harmonic Project is an ambient live music experience, which inspires a very deep listening. Gently layering singing bowls, gongs, flutes, soulful vocals and more, creating a meditative sonic sound scape that seamlessly ebbs and flows. Harmonic Project skillfully conducts the meeting point between the art of musical creation and the energy of holistic sound vibration.

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Harmonic Project (The Late 2016 Prabhu Osoniqs, Mary Laslett, Heather Frahn, Stuart Rose) photo by Samra Teague

Giving birth to Harmonic Project is Heather Frahn, an Australian therapeutic sound artist and practitioner, vocalist and musician. Also, joining her are special guest musicians each bringing their own unique sonic element to the Harmonic Project stage. Some members and guest performers over the years in Harmonic Project include Stuart Rose (flutes, low whistle, didgeridoo, strings), the late 2016 Prabhu Osoniqs (Hang, dholak, ocean drum),  Mary Lastlett (vocals, singing bowls, lap dulcimer), Michelle Byrne (vocals, percussion), Paul Galbraith (drums). They combine with Heather their beautiful melodic sounds, rhythms and textures creating rich sonic journeys. Harmonic Project is also joined on occasion by other special musician guests from around Australia.

One of the prime motivations behind the Harmonic Project is to provide a space where an audience can come and rest, arrive at stillness, open their ‘third ear’ and simply listen to the beautiful intricacies within live harmonics from sacred sound instruments.

Would you like to experience this? You can at Harmonic Project’s next event. See the Upcoming Events page on this website.

Meditation music, relaxation music, yoga music, reiki music, massage music, sound healing, sound therapy
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“Having known most of Heather’s musical projects over the years, when she presented her new one, Harmonic Project on Out of This World as part of Radio Adelaide’s Live Music Festival I knew I had witnessed and heard something very special indeed! The idea that this form of music, ambient music, can inspire a deep listening, mesmerising experience was born out in her performance. Using a variety of instruments including gongs, drums, bamboo and ocarina flutes as well as a variety of harmonic singing techniques Heather presented a musical soundscape and performance that I consider to be one of the highlights of this years Live Music Festival at Radio Adelaide” Out of This World Program, Radio Adelaide 101.5fm

Listen to an exclusive interview with Heather talking about Sound Healing on the ‘The Sound Healing Podcast’ with Daniel Coates. http://www.suntaramusic.com/episode-10-heather-frahn-interview/

More information about Harmonic Project can be found at www.harmonicproject.com

Harmonic Project - Sounds for Yoga Relaxation Meditation and Inner Stillness
pictured: Mary Laslett, Prabhu Osoniqs, Heather Frahn, Stuart Rose.