Rest ~ Listen ~ Breathe ~ Relax ~ Soundbath Meditation with Heather Frahn

This video is a short Introduction about Soundbath Meditations by Heather Frahn.

Rest ~ Listen ~ Breathe ~ Relax

A Soundbath Meditation with Heather Frahn is a deeply relaxing and restorative experience using sound and music to therapeutically enhance the wellness of mind, body and spirit. Heather ♥heart-crafts♥ her Soundbath Meditations like a fine piece of sonic artistry for your Soul ~ Her divine vocals with quality therapeutic sound instruments including symphonic gong, singing bowls, zen flute, crystal quartzaphone, and gentle percussion create a truly beautiful and immersive live sound journey. Therapeutic sound can activate the parasympathetic nervous system, whereby the body can restore and heal. Through mindful listening slower brain wave states may be induced, which take us from a busy active mind, to a peaceful dream-like state of awareness. Soundbath Meditations commonly help to:
– Positively change emotions and mood
– Reduce anxiety and depression
– Boost the immune system
– Improve sleep
– Deepen spiritual connection
– Raise energy levels
– Open us to personal insights
– Relieve stress
– Promote deep rest and relaxation
– Release trauma and tension

Deep Peace – an Ancient Gaelic Blessing put to music by Heather Frahn

Music Track: ‘Deep Peace’ an ancient Gaelic Healing Blessing (traditional) – Recorded by music artist and sound therapist Heather Frahn. Support Heather’s creations by downloading the Full Version at this link
(Full version is a 25-minute track perfect for relaxation, meditation, sleep, prayer) on Bandcamp.
©2019 All Rights Reserved.
The ‘Deep Peace’ verse is said to have derived from an ancient Gaelic rune, making beautiful and inspirational references to various elements of nature: water, air, earth, stars, night. The most famous version of this song titled “A Gaelic Blessing” was composed by John Milford Rutter in 1978 for the choir of the First United Methodist Church in Omaha, Nebraska (USA). Now decades later, there are several versions of this ancient blessing that make references to Christian, Gaelic, Pagan, and Secular faith traditions and spirituality.

Healing Spirit ~ A Song for Healing

Listen to this beautiful soothing song when you need peace, rest, stillness, and healing.

Healing Spirit Song and Prayer by Heather Frahn.


Healing spirit, Holy Spirit, Loving spirit, Weave through me
Divine spirit, Gentle spirit, Peaceful spirit, Weave through me
Sacred spirit, Graceful spirit, Bless’ed spirit, Weave through me
Healing spirit, Healing spirit, Healing spirit, Weave through me
Be with me.
Healing Spirit.
(This song and recording is under copyright, please respect all rights reserved by the artist Heather Frahn, Australia)

Testimonial about Heather’s music in palliative care, by the late Julie Edwards

Green Tara Buddhist Mantra ‘Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha’ and, Testimonial made by the late Julie Edwards to Spiritual Care Musician, Heather Frahn. This Tibetan Buddhist mantra recording was created for the late Julie Edwards to help assist her spiritual healing, and journey through illness and palliative care.

All music in this video written, *performed, recorded, and produced by Australian Spiritual Care Music Artist, Heather Frahn. *with guests Michelle Byrne – vocals, Cindy-Anne Macdonald – vocals, Mary Laslett – vocals, Corey Stewart – guitar, Dion Galea-Wells – flute.
The musical works in this video are subject to Copyright to the Artist. All rights reserved by the Artist. © 2019.

The testimonial by and image of the late Julie Edwards is shared with Permission to Heather Frahn by Julie herself, and her family.

“The power of the music lingers long after the last note. It lingers in your mind, and in your soul, and it gives you peace of mind when you’re travelling through very difficult times in your life. And you can see the journey of my pathway that there’s been many times when things have been difficult and you [Heather] have come along and played the music, and its helped me onto the next part of my journey. And that to me is the most important part of your work – is that you’re helping someone else to go further along the path in a peaceful, compassionate way. It helps them to do what they have to do. And I’m amazed at the amount of coincidences of one person meeting another that led to such a positive outcome. We might never have all met each other, but we did. And I think we were meant to meet one another and meant to do what we’ve done. And the creative work that you’ve done, and with the companionship that I’ve experienced with this work. So I would like to encourage you all to keep working in that field [of spiritually based music in health care and palliative care] that is just as valuable in it’s own way as what the doctors and nurses do, because you’re helping to heal somebody spiritually, not just physically or psychologically” – Julie Edwards, 2019.

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Sounds of Samadhi – Audience chanting with Heather & Trish

In 2017 Heather Frahn and Trish Blythman collaborated on an event named “Sounds of Samadhi” incorporating sound healing, chanting, and meditation. An original song-chant co-written by Heather and Trish was shared with the audience and chanted altogether in blissful sonic momentum.

(This song and recording is under copyright, please respect all rights reserved by the artist Heather Frahn, Australia)

Outdoor Soundbath Meditation by Heather Frahn

Berawinnia is a beautiful privately owned property in the heart of the McLaren Vale wine region of South Australia. At this special event by ‘Hunter Gatherings’ in April 2021, Heather Frahn presented a Soundbath Meditation outside in the natural amphitheater, merging the healing sounds with the exquisite sounds of nature, Australian native birds, and tall trees blowing in the wind. This is just a little snippet of the Soundbath from that day, filmed and edited by Lisa Savchuk.
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The Harmonic Project ~ An Australian Sound Healing Ensemble (2012)

Giving birth to Harmonic Project is Heather Frahn, an Australian therapeutic sound artist and practitioner, vocalist and musician. Also, joining her are special guest musicians each bringing their own unique sonic element to the Harmonic Project stage, including Stuart Rose (flutes, low whistle, didgeridoo, strings), Prabhu Osoniqs (Hang, dholak, ocean drum), and Mary Laslett (vocals, singing bowls, lap dulcimer). They combine with Heather their beautiful melodic sounds, rhythms and textures creating rich sonic journeys. Harmonic Project is also joined on occasion by other special musician guests from around Australia.



Heather Frahn & The Moonlight Tide featuring Michelle Byrne and Michaela Burger, supported conscious music artist Michael Franti & Spearhead in Adelaide, Australia 2014. Watch this 10 minute video with some of the highlights from their performance.

Including snippets of Heather’s beautiful overtone-harmonic singing, rich vocal harmonies and dynamic rootsy folk pop from a selection of Heather’s originals from her latest album “Be The Change”. This live performance also features Heather’s reggae infused version of the famous John Lennon song “Imagine”.

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“Saraswati Blessing”, is a spectral collaboration with two of Australia’s prominent artists, Heather Frahn and Vladamir Alexis, reuniting after many years. Having joined forces to create a sacred song dedicated to “Saraswati” the Hindu goddess of knowledge, music, arts, wisdom & learning.” Saraswati Blessing” invokes a distinct modern World-Pop fusion sound, conveying immense diversity of planetary cultures in a single gesture… Listen to a preview below, and buy the entire song from iTunes and CD Baby

Heather Frahn & The Moonlight Tide perform “Little Buddhas”. A song about reconnecting with our innate peacefulness amongst a busy world.

Heather Frahn & The Moonlight Tide perform “Blessing”. A song about gratitude for the little things in life.

Heather Frahn & The Moonlight Tide perform “All Living Beings”. A song about rights for humans, animals, plants and all living beings.

Listen to Heather’s title track from her latest album “Be The Change”. A song inspired by the life of Ghandi.