Birthing Stories Project - Heather Frahn - Tessa Kowaliw

Birthing Stories Project – VoxPop and Song Launched

“Birthing Stories” is a consumer-led initiative which is a collaboration between a Women’s and Children’s Hospital Network (WCHN) consumer representative Tessa Kowaliw, and sound and music artist Heather Frahn. At its heart lies the birth stories of 12 WCHN consumers – this project has gathered these experiences and used these to create a variety of written, spoken word, song for relaxation, and visual art-based pieces.

Tessa, Heather and participants officially launched the Birthing Stories collection in 2017, including: the custom-composed Birthing Stories song for relaxation piece featuring group lyrics, the Birth Stories Vox Pop podcast, and the Birthing Stories: Art + Poetry exhibition.

Listen and Download Heather’s “Born With You” song and instrumental track for relaxation at

“Born With You” recorded by Heather Frahn. All music and vocals performed and produced by Heather Frahn, with guest mandolin by Michelle Byrne.
“Birthing Stories VoxPop” narrated by Tessa Kowaliw, and featuring the voices of Birthing Project participants.
Cover artwork by Tessa Kowaliw inspired by contributions from Birthing Project participants, and David Chapple.
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“Born With You” song and VoxPop © 2017 Heather Frahn. Birthing Stories name and concept © 2017 Tessa Kowaliw. All rights reserved.
Tessa and Heather would like to thank Friends of the Women’s and Children’s for funding this pilot project, Heather Dunnachie and Allan Ball for their support, and the eight Birthing Stories participants Claire, Carol, Kathryn, Teagan, Leah, Bria, Sarah and Rainbo, for generously sharing their time, stories and personal insights.