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Wellbeing Retreat Experience – October 2023

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I am thrilled and honoured to be returning to the Wellbeing Retreat Experience as one of the Presenters to share a Sacred Voice workshop and Sound Healing Relaxation.

This retreat is one of the best times I’ve had – not only as a presenter with sound healing but also on a personal level, being able to focus on my own wellbeing.

I can highly recommend this retreat to anyone seeking an affordable weekend away to take time out from “chronic busy” and step into the peaceful soul nourishing environment of this special place, people, and activities. I hope you can join me and the other presenters for this beautiful retreat experience.

Love 🌹 Heather 🕉

Wellbeing Retreat Experience Features…

*Relax *Refresh *Recharge

• Fully Catered with Nourishing Wholesome Food
• Yoga
• Meditation
• Ceremony
• Intentional Dance
• Sound Healing and Sacred Voice
• Wellness Workshops
• Nature
• Rest and Quiet Time

Dates, Times, Bookings

* 27th – 30th Oct. 2023 – all inclusive*

Starts Friday 5:30pm & Concludes Monday 12pm

Venue: Dzintari Camp, Normanville S.A.

Early bird $555.00 Exp. 8th Sept. 23
Full price $595.00

Bookings: Phone 0427793314
or Email

Accommodation Options

Accommodation Options Include
*Shared with 3 to 4 guests per room
*Camping/Caravan on site – BYO
*Own accomodation off site


Dawn Brenton – Facilitator & Meditation Guide
Leah Hocking – Nourishment Provider
Heather Frahn – Therapeutic Sound & Music
Forté Worthy – Mindful Communication Educator
Jen Aarts – Therapeutic Movement & Massage therapist

Massage and Energy Healing Optional Extra

Unfold with Yoga and Soundbath at the Wellness Wander Weekend in the Adelaide Hills

Saturday 2nd April, 2:30pm-5:00pm

at Unfold Yoga + Wellbeing, Mount Barker SA
as part of the Wellness Wander Weekend in the Adelaide Hills

Heather Frahn will feature a sonic journey with sound healing instruments at the “Unfold with Yoga & Soundbath” event.  Part of the Wellness Wander Weekend in the Adelaide Hills.

Enhance your wellness by experiencing the healing arts of yoga and soundbath meditation.

Heather is collaborating with Loretta Voivodich, Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher and Principal Teacher and Director at Unfold Yoga + Wellbeing

Wellness is dependent on the way we see the world and the experiences we encounter.

This experience at Unfold Yoga + Wellbeing nourishes the mind and body, as you join in community with others.

Our focus is to facilitate a calming yet active time in yoga practice that will allow you to switch off and connect back to yourself, preparing you for the sacred soundbath meditation that follows.

Connect within and create sacred space together.

The combination of yoga and soundbath meditation offers deep relaxation and inner nourishment.

Yoga is a practice that will heighten your senses and nourish your vital health, fitness, and happiness. Guided by Loretta Voivodich (principal teacher of Unfold Yoga + Wellbeing).

You will explore poses designed to both support and energise. The sequence of postures is suitable for those with no yoga experience to enjoy something new, as well as for seasoned yogis wishing to reconnect and bring balance.

Soundbath meditation is a perfect flow after a yoga class, offering a deeply relaxing and restorative experience using sound and music to therapeutically enhance the wellness of mind, body and spirit.

Like a “sonic hug” that gently wraps around you, Heather Frahn seamlessly weaves her soulful vocals with quality sound instruments – creating a masterfully crafted and beautifully immersive sound journey.

The event will run for two and half hours with warming chai tea, cacao, and a small treat of bliss balls to be served afterwards.

Enjoy home made bliss balls, chai tea and cacao drinks following the yoga and soundbath meditation.

Heather performs sound healing music at Music in the Valley Festival 26th March 2022

I am so happy to be contributing sound healing at the Music In The Valley Festival! Thanks to Jim Paterson and Alex from The Borderers for inviting me, and thanks to Dion Galea-Wells for joining me on stage with your divine shakuhatchi flute playing! Sat 26th March in the beautiful Inman Valley.

Heather Frahn with special guest Dion Galea-Wells
Heather Frahn with special guest Dion Galea-Wells

“Join Heather Frahn with special guest Dion Galea-Wells for a sacred sound healing music experience. This sonic sister and brother union of sound blend world music instruments, heart crafted vocals, mesmerising shakuhachi zen flute, and pure crystal tones at a pace that welcomes relaxation and deep rest. An opportunity to pause and breathe, restore and listen to this meditative sound journey with Heather and Dion, at the Music in the Valley Festival, 26th March 2022.”

Festival’s facebook page for all the latest updates here

Buy Tickets here

Harmony Weavers Women’s Wellbeing Song Circle

The Harmony Weavers
A Womens Wellbeing Song Circle
Facilitated by Heather Frahn

The Harmony Weavers is a women’s wellbeing circle aspiring to heal, to empower, and to build resilience and friendships. Each session includes singing, music, sound healing, mindfulness meditation, and afternoon tea. No experience required, no auditions. A heart opening, uplifting and soul inspiring gathering for all women. Come join us!

Gatherings are on the second Wednesday, and second Sunday of each month from January to November, in Adelaide, South Australia.

1:30pm Start and goes until approximately 4pm (or a little later) including a shared afternoon tea following the session.

Venue is sometimes outside in nature, but may vary depending on weather.

Please contact Heather for more information if you would like to attend this private group.

Inclusive and welcoming.

Harmony Weavers Her’story

The “Harmony Weavers” began in 2016 in association with The Hutt Street Centre, Adelaide South Australia. The Hutt Street Centre supported and funded the group up until January 2021, and through its program helped to create a much needed and valued contribution to the lives of women in Adelaide who were homeless, or recovering from domestic violence, or other life challenges. The “Harmony Weavers” women’s wellbeing choir was co-facilitated by Heather Frahn and Michelle Byrne from 2016-2021, with Heather continuing the program from 2021 onwards.

The Harmony Weavers has performed several memorable and special concerts at public and private events over the years, and has had a range of members who were both clients of Hutt Street Centre services, as well as women from the broader community and society in support of those most vulnerable.

The Harmony Weavers has provided an important meeting place for women over its existence, and aims to continue to shelter, support, and celebrate women from all walks of life in an inclusive and welcoming way through the healing power of music, meditation, spirituality, sound healing, and social connection.

Photographs on this page used with permission from Alicia Brown, and Virginia Hall. Image below by Nikki Hartmann.

Harmony Weavers Women's Wellbeing Choir, 2017, Co-Facilitators Heather Frahn and Michelle Byrne, with Harmony Weavers members. Photo by Nikki Hartmann
Harmony Weavers Women’s Wellbeing Choir, 2017, Co-Facilitators Heather Frahn and Michelle Byrne, with Harmony Weavers members. Photo by Nikki Hartmann.
Harmony Weavers performing at the “Rock Your Sole” concert in 2018, Adelaide South Australia.
Watch this archival footage made in 2018 about the Harmony Weavers program.

Soundbath Meditation at Yoga Cycle 1st Aug 2021

I welcome you to warm your inner fire this winter, with a nourishing Soundbath Meditation with me on Sunday 1st August, at Yoga Cycle, Thebarton SA.

The Yoga Cycle studio is one of the most beautiful venues for a Soundbath, especially for winter because the slow combustion wood stove will be gently burning away keeping us warm and cosy.

I love sharing the sonic vibrations from the quartz crystal singing bowls, Chinese gong, bamboo flute, medicine drum, and my voice, and feeling how they layer out into the room, like waves of sound washing over us all.

Many of us need more relaxation and restoration in our busy lives, and a Soundbath Meditation is a perfect way to gift this to ourselves ~ body ~ mind ~ soul.  A Soundbath is also a lovely experience to share with a friend or loved one.

You can book your place online here >

Thank you ~ I am grateful for your support as I continue to journey with the spirit of music and sound.Warm Wishes & Blessings, Heather

Soundbath Meditation in Semaphore/Port Adelaide Area – Sun 28th Feb 2021

Date: Sunday 28th February  
Investment: $40 + Booking Fee (ticket includes supper) 

Time: Arrive 2:40pm for a 3:00pm start 
3pm start, with approximate finish 6:00pm including supper.

Where: Semaphore / Port Adelaide Area: 
Venue: Waterside Workers Hall, 11 Nile St, Port Adelaide

AboutA Soundbath Meditation with Heather Frahn is a deeply relaxing and restorative, sound and music based experience to therapeutically enhance mind, body and spiritual wellbeing. Like a “sonic hug” that gently wraps around you, Heather seamlessly weaves her soulful singing with therapeutic sound instruments creating a truly beautiful and immersive sound journey.

Gift yourself ‘me time’, relaxation and inner nourishment through this sacred sound meditation.

This Soundbath Meditation is followed by delicious supper for every guest, lovingly home-made food that is vegan, gluten free, and nut free. Please stay on afterwards to join in the sharing of food together.

2021 Singing Groups

I am happy to announce that I will be co-facilitating two community singing groups in 2021 with Michelle Byrne. We would love to see you come along to join us if you want to sing heart warming, uplifting and inspiring songs from different cultures and various musical styles.

For more information about these groups please see the links below:

With One Voice Community Choir
Wednesday Nights 6:00pm-7:45pm
Kingston Park / Seacliff
More Information

Harmony Weavers Womens Wellbeing Choir
Wednesday Afternoons 1:00pm-2:30pm
Adelaide City Centre
More Information

Soundbath Meditation – Sun 7th Feb 2021 – Yoga Cycle Thebarton


Time & Location

Sun 7th Feb 2021, 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm at Yoga Cycle, 4/22 Ware Street, Thebarton SA 5031

Doors open at 2:45pm for a 3:00pm start, with approximate Soundbath finish 4:30/4:45pm — Followed by a light snack and tea after the session.


Tickets $35 each + Booking Fee

About the Event

Yoga Cycle Studio Presents Soundbath Meditation with Heather Frahn

A Soundbath Meditation with Heather Frahn is a deeply relaxing and restorative, sound and music based experience to therapeutically enhance mind, body and spiritual wellbeing. Like a “sonic hug” that gently wraps around you, Heather seamlessly weaves her soulful singing with therapeutic sound instruments creating a truly beautiful and immersive sound journey. Gift yourself ‘me time’, relaxation and inner nourishment through this sacred sound meditation. Following the Soundbath Meditation we will be offering a small snack and tea.

When booking please ensure you have read and understood the duty of care information below. Refunds will only be granted if cancellations are made and confirmed with more than 48 hours notice of the event.

Bring Your Own:

This session is best experienced laying down. Please bring your own floor mat/yoga mat, blanket, and pillows/cushions for your ultimate comfort laying for an extended period of time. If for any reason you’re unable to lay down, please let us know so we can provide you with a chair. You may like to BYO cushion and blanket for your comfort whilst sitting.


By attending and participating in this Soundbath Meditation it is assumed that you understand that if you are diagnosed with any of the following health conditions that a Soundbath may not be suitable for you without written consent from your medical professional. If any of the following conditions apply to you please discuss it with Kosta or Heather prior to attending the session: Epileptic seizures that are sound triggered; Any other seizures that are sound triggered; Mental health conditions including extreme paranoia, paranoid schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, advanced psychosis; If you are less than 3 months pregnant, and in your first trimester – (there is no evidence to suggest that Sound Therapy may harm an unborn child – this point is simply because Australian Professional Indemnity Insurance policy laws stipulate this clause).

Arts in Health at FMC Youtube Channel features Heather and other artists

Heather has been part of the Arts in Health at FMC team as a facilitator of Music for Relaxation and Mindfulness Meditation since 2009.

In 2020, to help reach more patients at Flinders Medical Centre (SA) a wonderful online resource was created featuring videos from various Arts in Health at FMC facilitators in Art Therapy, Art Workshops, Music for Relaxation, Harp for Healing, Staff Wellbeing, Cancer Wellness, Mindfulness Meditation, and Special Projects.

Visit the Arts in Health at FMC Youtube Channel today to listen, watch and enjoy the array of wellbeing topics and arts based experiences.

The online Patient and Staff Wellbeing Activities can be found at this link. WATCH ARTS IN HEALTH at FMC VIDEOS