Heather’s in the new Love Live Forgive book

Love Live Forgive Insight From Artists eBookI am so honoured to have some of my writings featured in the book “Love Live Forgive: Insights from Artists” 😀 along with many other artists from around the world including Jonathan Goldman, Moby, Arrested Development, Mother Love, Shambhu, and Rudimental, just to name a few.

Big thanks to Justin St Vincent from Xtreme Music for editing this wonderfully inspiring collection of writings for the world.

Within this project, over 100 exclusive interviews with a diverse range of artists reveal and explore the transformative power of love, forgiveness, and the creative spirit. These interviews are organized thematically into 5 chapters: Artistry, Love & Forgiveness, Compassion & Healing, Transformation, and Unity. Each chapter includes introductions together with reflection and application questions.

While featuring a wide-ranging demographic, the contributors to this project represent a dynamic spectrum of artistic, cultural, and faith-based backgrounds. Individually they offer their unique perspective on the human experience. Collectively they embrace a shared passion for art and its ability to transform our lives and the world around us..

Read Heather’s interview from Love Live Forgive here

You can download the entire eBook FREE from the website, and share this weblink online: www.LoveLiveForgive.org
During June, Justin will continue to share inspirational quotes from many amazing artists interviewed for this new project. Check them out here on Facebook | Youtube | Twitter
In mid-June 2014, Print on Demand books will be available from Amazon.com, AmazonEurope, and CreateSpace.
THANK YOU!! for sharing this inspiring project with your friends and family around the world.