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Heather Frahn Holistic Sound Therapy Stall with Himalayan Singing Bowls, Chinese Wind Gong, and Relaxation Music.

Heather’s Sound Therapy Stall at Marion Celebrates Festival

Heather Frahn Holistic Sound Therapy Stall with Himalayan Singing Bowls, Chinese Wind Gong, and Relaxation-Meditation-Yoga Music.
Heather Frahn Holistic Sound Therapy Stall with Himalayan Singing Bowls, Chinese Wind Gong, and Relaxation-Meditation-Yoga Music.

I had such a fun day at the Marion Celebrates Festival running my Holistic Sound Therapy stall. I’d never managed my own stall before, so it was a great experience, and I loved it! I met many gracious people during the day who had a mini sound session with me. Some had never even seen a Himalayan Singing Bowl before! So it was a wonderful opportunity for me to introduce them to the healing powers of harmonic sound. Thank you all who came along to share in sacred sound with me, and have a little quiet time in this busy world. If you would like to study sound therapy, click here… Or if you would like your own personalised Holistic Sound Therapy treatment please email me for information, I’d be happy to work with you!

2015 Sound Therapy Courses Announced for Australia

News just in Australia! … Look no further for professional training in Sound Therapy modalities!

Australian Sound Therapy Students
Australian Sound Therapy Students

Below is a free PDF 2015 Australian course prospectus from the British Academy of Sound Therapy (BAST). Principal Lyz Cooper, will be visiting Australia for the third time in August to teach a range of their professional diploma courses.

I have been lucky enough to receive professional training and mentoring over the years in Sound Therapy with BAST, as well as others in the USA, UK and Europe in Sound Healing, Holistic Voice, Drum Circles, Gong Therapy, Sound Massage and more.

I can highly recommend the BAST Sound Therapy courses, and advise anyone interested in a career in this field to consider investing in professional training. BAST is also fully recognised by the IICT as a Registered Training Organisation, and all professional training by BAST is recognised by IICT Insurance.

I am happy to announce that there are opportunities for residents in Australia and New Zealand to study Sound Therapy in 2015. Feel free to contact me if you have any queries as I’ve been working with BAST since they started teaching in Australia a few ago. You can email me at creations [at] heatherfrahn [dot] com


Watch the video to see what our Australian students have to say about the Group Sound Therapy Diploma Course.


TransVolve interview with Heather on Conscious Music

Thanks to Joshua MacCluer from TransVolve, I had the opportunity to be interviewed for their YouTube broadcast channel. I had the chance to talk about the power of conscious music, the transformative energy of sound therapy, and how these can help inspire our world.

Joshua is an amazing guy, being a versatile performer and coach in demand worldwide as a performing musician in a wide range of styles, educator, performance coach, producer and arranger.

TransVolve’s mission is an approach to personal skill development combines techniques from classical music performance, professional sport, movement arts, meditation, nutrition, pedagogy, neuroscience, biohacking, information technology, philosophy and business. TransVolve unites these diverse techniques with a philosophy based on continual self-improvement and a passion for the joyful act of learning, coaching, and teamwork.

In addition to the interview Joshua did with me, there are numerous other fantastic interviews with some interesting people from around the world.

Thankyou Joshua! It was wonderful speaking with you, and being part of the TransVolve mission.

Press play below, make ya’self a cuppa, and relax back listening in to our conversation.