Unfold with Yoga and Soundbath at the Wellness Wander Weekend in the Adelaide Hills

Saturday 2nd April, 2:30pm-5:00pm

at Unfold Yoga + Wellbeing, Mount Barker SA
as part of the Wellness Wander Weekend in the Adelaide Hills

Heather Frahn will feature a sonic journey with sound healing instruments at the “Unfold with Yoga & Soundbath” event.  Part of the Wellness Wander Weekend in the Adelaide Hills.

Enhance your wellness by experiencing the healing arts of yoga and soundbath meditation.

Heather is collaborating with Loretta Voivodich, Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher and Principal Teacher and Director at Unfold Yoga + Wellbeing

Wellness is dependent on the way we see the world and the experiences we encounter.

This experience at Unfold Yoga + Wellbeing nourishes the mind and body, as you join in community with others.

Our focus is to facilitate a calming yet active time in yoga practice that will allow you to switch off and connect back to yourself, preparing you for the sacred soundbath meditation that follows.

Connect within and create sacred space together.

The combination of yoga and soundbath meditation offers deep relaxation and inner nourishment.

Yoga is a practice that will heighten your senses and nourish your vital health, fitness, and happiness. Guided by Loretta Voivodich (principal teacher of Unfold Yoga + Wellbeing).

You will explore poses designed to both support and energise. The sequence of postures is suitable for those with no yoga experience to enjoy something new, as well as for seasoned yogis wishing to reconnect and bring balance.

Soundbath meditation is a perfect flow after a yoga class, offering a deeply relaxing and restorative experience using sound and music to therapeutically enhance the wellness of mind, body and spirit.

Like a “sonic hug” that gently wraps around you, Heather Frahn seamlessly weaves her soulful vocals with quality sound instruments – creating a masterfully crafted and beautifully immersive sound journey.

The event will run for two and half hours with warming chai tea, cacao, and a small treat of bliss balls to be served afterwards.

Enjoy home made bliss balls, chai tea and cacao drinks following the yoga and soundbath meditation.